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Back in stock again!

Our Kabanos snacking sticks are back in stock again after over a year of being unavailable with a new improved recipe!

These little smoked gems are based on the traditional Polish snack made from British pork shoulder. The name Kabanos (Cabanossi / Kabanoski / Kabana in Polish), comes from the word ‘kabanek’, a nickname given to young fat hogs. One of the most popular Polish sausages and probably the finest sausage stick in the world!

It’s the Pepperami that went to finishing school - great with a bit of Mustard and your favourite beverage. Also perfect for a picnic or a snack to help you through the day.

200g pack (approx 8-9 sticks)

400g pack (2 x 200g packs, approx 16-18 sticks)

Ingredients - British Pork, Spices, Sugar, Salt, E250, E252.

Contains no allergens, gluten or sulphites. Generally sent with a 7-8 week shelf life.