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Cobble Lane Cured

About us

We are a specialist butchery in Islington, London. We cut, cure, smoke and hang meats supplied by a small selection of high-quality British producers and farmers.

We started Cobble Lane Cured to make fermented and air-dried products using British meat, drawing on the experience and skills two of our founders had developed over years in the butchery trade. Having worked under some of Europe’s greatest charcutiers in Italy, Germany and Poland, the team brings a knowledge of butchery, curing, smoking and maturation processes that is unmatched in the UK.

We began with a small range of salami inspired by Italian production methods that Adam had learnt from spending time with salumieri throughout Sardinia and Sicily.


British meat is exceptional. We have higher welfare standards than many of our neighbours, and a rich, diverse stock of breeds, and this makes for a fairer and tastier end product.

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Cobble Lane Cured Story Cobble Lane Cured Story
Cobble Lane Cured Story

How we work

Everything we do is about taste, quality and welfare.

Firstly, we source our meat from Britain’s very best farmers who care about animal welfare as much as we do. We visit every farm we source from. And we always look for innovative thinking around food supply and sustainability.

We taste and refine our recipes before tasting and refining them again to ensure our own unique processes brings out the best of our British meat.

Our master butcher then produces in small batches, not hurrying the process or using any chemicals to accelerate, stabilise or artificially enhance our products. We are all about using traditional methods rather than taking shortcuts!

Our talented Team

Matt Hill

Matt Hill

Matt has been a butcher all his working life. He used his first boning knife at the age of 14 when he got his first Saturday job. view bio.
Adam Brudnowski

Adam Brudnowski

Adam is a co-founder and the production master at Cobble Lane Cured. He grew up on a small farm in Poland beginning his butchery journey. view bio.
Lucy Hill

Lucy Hill

Lucy runs the business and accounts side of Cobble Lane Cured. Lucy started working in a local deli and butchers shop at 19. view bio.
Sabina Brudnowska

Sabina Brudnowska

Sabina has been involved in Cobble Lane Cured from the very beginning when we first sold at Farmers Markets view bio.
Zoltan Szabo

Zoltan Szabo

Growing up in Hungary, Zoltan has fond memories of both making charcuterie with his family, and throwing opponents on the Judo mat. view bio.
Chris Hill

Chris Hill

Chris climbed aboard the Cobble Lane Cured train in September 2021 to help bolster our production capability. view bio.
Andrew Shreeve

Andrew Shreeve

Andrew joined us during the beginning of Covid in 2020, following on from a previous position in the charcuterie business. view bio.

What Our Customers Think

Meat Is Beautiful

Sent my partner the Valentine's Day meat selection! The order was shipped and tracked really efficiently, he got it super quickly. Well packaged and the meat is beautiful. Will definitely be using again & recommend to family/friends!

Bryony on Feb 16, 2021

Highly Recommend

I recently purchased the survival selection as a gift. Customer services was excellent, delivery quick and the recipient reports that it was delicious. Would highly recommend.

Siobhain on Apr 11, 2021

British is Best

We've enjoyed Spanish and Italian charcuterie for some time; we used to live in France. The Cobble Lane products are far superior, less fatty with a much more subtle and better flavour. British is best!

David on Feb 02, 2021

Fantastic Quality

Fantastic quality British produce. Nduja is the best I've had anywhere and very nice salami's too. The pepperoni reminds me of a very high quality version of pizza huts - It's very hard to find a pepperoni that actually has beef in as it should have and Cobble's does and you can tell. I've been ordering from them for a year or so now and have had problems with two orders being wrong, however they have both been rectified quickly and there has always been some form of compensation which is very generous. Highly recommended.

Joe on Mar 24, 2021