Bastardo Beef Salami

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Product description

This exciting new product is made entirely from British ex-dairy cows, which had been used for milking before being retired out to pasture. The meat is therefore more developed and aged, and contains a lot of beautiful and deep flavours, which make this ideal for salami production.

This is also a much more sustainable product, as this beef is usually largely transported over long distances to continental Europe to be turned into sausages, rather than being used in the UK.

The curing and air dried maturation process results in a soft and creamy texture that is complemented with a hint of warm spices. This a smaller, French style Saucisson Sec cured sausage.  Aptly named Bastardo as its a reference to one of the very first salamis we produced back in 2013 when Cobble Lane first began curing. Bastardo-Beef-Salami

This is supplied as a whole piece (approx 350g-400g) or half piece (175-200g), so you can easily hand slice it exactly as you like it! 

Ingredients: British Beef (97.0%), Salt, Spices (1.3%), Red Wine (1%), Dextrose.  Preservatives E250 E252. (Beef content 143g per 100g)

half - average 170g (can range from 140g to 200g)

whole - average 360g (can range from 300g to 400g)

Nutrition Typical values per 100g
Energy: 402kcal
of which saturates
of which sugars
Protein 25.7g
Salt 3.82g


Contains no allergens, gluten or sulphites. Generally sent with a 6-8 week shelf life.