A Trio of Whole Salamis (unsliced)

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Product description

This pack contain 3 x salamis all un-sliced, perfect for a fridge item to keep coming back to, to cut a chunk or a few slices off.   

Contains as follows:

Islington Saucisson - average 270g (can range from 240g to 300g)

Ingredients - British Pork Leg & Back Fat (97.1%), Salt, Spices (0.5%), Dextrose, Garlic (0.2%). Preservatives E250 E252 . (Pork content 166g per 100g)


Bastardo Beef Salami half  - average 170g (can range from 140g to 200g)

Ingredients - British Beef (97.0%), Salt, Spices (1.3%), Red Wine (1%), Dextrose.  Preservatives E250 E252. (Beef content 143g per 100g)


Lamb Salami half - average 180g (can range from 160g to 200g)

Ingredients - British Lamb (95.5%), Salt, Spices (1.5%), Red Wine (1.0%), Dextrose, Garlic (0.2%).  Preservatives E250 E252.  (Lamb content 143g per 100g)

Preservatives: E250 Sodium Nitrite, E252 Potassium Nitrate

See each individual product info for the nutritional data.