N1 Soppressata


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A large fresh flavoured salami typical of Calabria in the South Western region of Italy is  made with coarsely minced British Pork leg, creamy fat, and mixed with a selection of sweet medium-heat chillies as well as Hungarian paprika. The name Sopressata is derived from the practice of pressing the salami between pieces of wood resulting in a straight, rectangular flattened shape. Our recipe is our own unique take on a combination of both Spianata and Soppressata, and is round in shape; hence the name N1 which is derived from our postcode in Islington in North London.

Ingredients - British Pork, Paprika, Chilli, Black Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Dextrose, E250, E252.

Contains no allergens, gluten or sulphites. Generally sent with a 6-8 week shelf life.