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We pride ourselves on our salamis. Of all charcuterie products, salami is one of the more difficult, owing to the sheer number of variables. Making a great finished product, with consistency and flavour, without taking shortcuts requires skill and experience. This combined with our outstanding Free Range British Pork, reared by farmers with very high welfare and husbandry standards, enables us to create a great salami.

We grind and blend our spices for every batch to maintain the pungency and aroma of the excellent quality spices we use.

To make the best Salami we have to start with the best cuts of pork. We use 80% lean leg, trimmed of all fat and silver gristles and 20% pork back fat. It must be high quality back fat to ensure that the finished product has the right smooth texture and mouthfeel.

We mince meat on mincer plates of various sizes (from 6mm to 14mm) depending on the texture required for a particular salami, coarser or finer as appropriate.

All the ingredients are mixed until they are evenly distributed and the meat has started to bind together.

At this point the meat and seasoning mix is filled into casings. We use beef middles but if you want a narrower salami you can use pork. The casings are filled with utmost care to introduce as much meat as possible, ensuring it’s tight and without air pockets.

To determine the length of the salami, tighten and support them we loop and tie twine at the ends and down the length of the salami.

Check the salamis for air bubbles underneath the skin and lightly pierce them to release the air.

Hang the Salami taking care to leave enough space between them for good air circulation.

Once hung, the salami is ready for maturation. There are many and various methods for achieving this, and each will give a different style of salami. There is not a right or wrong, just different tastes. We have developed a hybrid between Italian and German methods to give the texture we want.