Circular Charcuterie

Cobble Lane Cured Ltd - British Cured Meats

Circular Charcuterie

Cobble Lane Cured is determined to do our very best by animal welfare and to make sure our business is sustainable as our products are tasty. 

We have only ever worked with British farmers who share our values around high quality animal welfare and consider the impact of their farming on the local environment.  All our work places and logistics have Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA).  You can read more about that here

And we are always looking for ways to protect the environment and reduce Cobble Lane’s Carbon Footprint.   We are constantly considering all elements of our work, including sourcing green energy suppliers, using biodegradable packaging and partnering with distributers who invest in electric low omission vehicles. 

We started 2021 by signing up to two new initiatives that are helping to save the planet and reduce food waste. a brilliant idea helping to put a stop to food waste in the hospitality industry.  Sign up to the App search for Cobble Lane Cured and you can buy our high quality off cuts at 30% of our normal retail price. No food waste, lots of happy customers.  It’s a win win.  And a top tip for you we’ve been finding the off cuts work brilliantly as pasta fillers and to add flavour to stocks, casseroles, chilli’s and bolognese. - this allows our customers to make a choice at checkout to offset their Carbon Footprint generated by the purchase by making a donation to an initiative that ticks their environmental box.

If you’ve got on idea on how Cobble Lane Cured could be even more circular and sustainable please drop us a line.  We’d love to hear from you.