Cobble Lane Cured Ltd - British Cured Meats

What we do

We started Cobble Lane Cured to make fermented & air-dried products using British meat, drawing on the experience and skills two of our founders had developed over years in the butchery trade. We began with a small range of salami inspired by Italian production methods that Adam had learnt from spending time with salumiere throughout Sardinia and Sicily. Making good, aged & cured meat products takes a long time - we are still developing and improving our range after 6 years and we continue to. To make our range of meats we employ techniques and processes from the various butchery traditions around Europe. They have been tweaked and combined to suit the meat we buy, the equipment we have, what chefs like to use and what we like to eat!

We use pork and beef from traditional British breeds, lamb and goats, Yorkshire mangalitza and British wagyu. We work closely with a small number of suppliers, and try to be a good customer for them by taking, as far as possible, the cuts that aren't bought their other customers; that means leaf fat, jowls and sows not eyeballs and tails.